What is Pharmacy Flu Jabs?

Pharmacy Flu Jabs is a platform designed to help you look for and get information about a flu jab service near you in the quickest and most efficient way. When you log online, the in-built navigation system will automatically track your location, pull up a list of pharmacies around you and provide you with information, such as:

– Whether they offer the free NHS flu jab, a private service or both

– The price of the private flu jab

– At what times they are giving the flu jab and whether they offer a walk-in service

– Reviews and feedback from other users

– Contact information so you can reach them quickly for extra info if needed

Who created Pharmacy Flu Jabs?

We are a team of qualified pharmacist web developers who are passionate about the healthcare and technology sector. We have developed this product because it’s our duty to use our skills to help improve the health of the population whilst promoting the great profession that is pharmacy. Technology is our friend and we’re harnessing it here to connect patients and pharmacies in the most time-efficient manner.

We thank you so much for visiting our site and wish you good health over the winter period 🙂

The Pharmacy Flu Jab Team