The great thing about Community Pharmacy is that many of them offer the flu jab under a private scheme for people who don’t get it free under the NHS.

Why should I get the flu jab if I’m fit and healthy?

The flu can be contracted by ANYONE, regardless of how fit and healthy you are. If you are exposed to the influenza virus, then there is a chance that your immune system won’t react quick enough to fight it off and will turn into an infection.

There are several benefits to you by getting the flu jab:

1) First and foremost, you’ll be protecting yourself from the flu which is can cause you to be very ill. The flu jab offers you the best protection from the virus this winter.

2) You won’t need to take anytime off work due to sickness from the flu meaning it won’t affect you financially, as the flu symptoms can last as long as two weeks. Most companies recommend that their employees get the flu jab.

3) You’ll be protecting those more vulnerable around you. This is exactly why patient-facing staff get the flu jab – to prevent the spread of infection to others. By not carrying the infection, you’ll help prevent transmission.

4) You’ll help to reduce the burden on the NHS. The flu accounts for GP and hospital visits into their hundreds and thousands each year which costs the NHS millions of pounds.

Why should I use a pharmacy?

Simply put, Community Pharmacies are the most accessible and effective places for getting the private flu jab. Most pharmacies operate a walk-in service and the average price of the vaccination, together with full counselling and guidance, is around £10. No other primary care organisation can offer this kind of service.

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